Experts in Integral Asset Management

Integral Asset Management

Our focus areas

Experts in Integral Asset Management
Maintenance/Operations Excellence

An overall program with policies, strategies, processes and methodology that is geared to continuous improvement. A change program with focus on behaviors, effective processes and fit-for-purpose systems.

Integrated Asset Planning

One plan from strategic multi-year outlook to day-to-day short interval planning. Funneling all prioritized activities that are required to be done into one integral plan that maximizes efficient use of resources, funds, materials and equipment down-time.

Hands on tool time

The ultimate result of a well functioning work management process supported by Integrated planning and scheduling and material supply. Focus is on eliminating barriers during work execution and maximizing efficiency.

Insight and Control

A managing system with the right leading and lagging KPI and metrics to know what happend, but more important: to be able to control what is going to happen. A PDCA circle that connects targets set by executive management and performance on the shop floor.

Operations Integration

One team driving and maintaining your Assets effectively and efficiently in a safe way. First line and second line maintenance, handover and acceptance of equipment integrated in smooth day-to day operations.

Business Process design

What is the optimal business process for your operations? Balancing Automation (systems), People (Behaviors) and Workflow (process) to the right mix that matches culture, maturity and business context.

Assessment and Benchmark

What goes well? What can be better? A scan of your operations that looks at work management, supply chain, asset integrity and reliability as well as EAM/CMMS utilization. Interviews, observations and data analysis are the input for a current state and high level improvement opportunities report.

Coaching and training

One-on-one coaching for managers, supervisors or engineers as part of a career plan, getting effective in a new position or just sound boarding ideas. Training and knowledge transfer for groups of managers, supervisors, engineers, planners/schedulers and technicians/operators.

About us

Experts in Integral Asset Management
More value out of your physical Assets

We are dedicated network consultants who combine years of experience in various industries with a sound education. We mobilize analysts, project managers, engineers, coaches/trainers, change specialists and conceptual thinkers as the program requires. We focus on Asset/Maintenance Management in its full operations context. That means considering production, supply chain, technology, data, finance and people in relation to the physical assets. Hence Integral Asset Management as we consider the Asset/Maintenance Management deliverable in its business context. We assess Asset/Maintenance Management performance, we identify and we quantify opportunities. We facilitate business process (re)design and subsequent implementation with process competency management, including the required coaching, training and support to realize identified improvements and make the new ways of working sustainable.

  • Our mission

    To deliver and improve sustainable bottom line results for our clients, ourselves and involved stakeholders with integrity, pride and care for people and environment.

  • Our Network

    We have access in our network to experienced Asset Management, supply chain, financial, HR and Data analysis consultants and experts who have worked in different industries as part of an organization as well as in advisory roles and who can be allocated world-wide as the program requires.

  • Our Credibility

    Our people have done the job, been around, know the different industries and their particular language and challenges. This helps with getting the right report on operational, tactical and strategic level so progress and results can be delivered and managed more effectively.

  • Our added value

    We improve capacity/capability or reduce operating cost. Or both. Typically with an ROI of at least 1:5. We like to deliver with short review cycles of 3 months to keep focus on progress and results.

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