Integral Asset Management

Who we are and what we do

Experts in Integral Asset Management
More value out of your physical Assets

ANNEXIS consultancy is a small niche consultancy that focusses on Maintenance Management in it’s operations context. Like the ISO 55.000, we look from the perspective of the physical assets at Data, Finance, People and Operational context. Hence Integral Asset Management as we consider the Maintenance Management deliverable in its business context. We assess Asset Management performance, we identify and we quantify opportunities. We facilitate business process (re)design and subsequent implementation, including the required coaching, training and support to realize identified improvements and make the new ways of working sustainable.

  • An overall program with policies, strategies and methodology that are geared to continuous improvement

  • One team driving and maintaining your Assets effectively and efficiently in a safe way

  • The ultimate result of a well functioning work management process supported by scheduling and material supply

  • The right KPI and metrics to now what happend, but more important: what is going to happen.