Experts in Integral Asset Management
17th April 2016

Our Projects


Where: Calgary and Fort McMurray, Canada. Mining and Extraction operations, 300.000 BPD. Duration: 12 months

What: Transitional project that focuses on redesigning the current work management process, inclusive of short interval management, barrier elimination, planning and scheduling, notification quality improvement, risk based work selection and supply chain interfaces with subsequent implementation. Key elements as Behavioral change, Process install and appropriate use of Metrics, KPI, systems and tools. The main objective is to become sustainable and create a positive step change in OPEX reduction

Delivered: Co-recruitment of the project team, set up and alignment, timeline and documentation of the project. Implementation and coaching on work management at site as well as office personnel. Metrics design for project progress and project results. Resource productivity increase with 25% at the mine and with 22% at the plant. Project benefits was calculated at 140 million USD savings on OPEX yearly.


Where: Esbjerg, Denmark. 9 Off-shore installations over 6 locations, 45 mmboe/year. Duration: 15 months

What: Late Life Asset Management design and implementation for one of the older assets. Target was to come up with an operating model that would allow for a significant reduction (>40%) of the lifting cost by reducing OPEX and field yield increase. Project expanded into the whole field (all locations) with the focus on planning and scheduling from long term business outlook to the day to day delivery of work. The project addressed systems and processes, but main focus was on behaviours.

Delivered: Recruitment of the project team, set up and alignment, design and documentation of the One Plan process, organisation design and job profiles. Implementation and coaching on work management onshore as well as offshore. Metrics design for project progress as well as project results. Schedule attainment was as low as 9% for some of the assets. This was increased to 80-90%. Project benefits was calculated at 250 million USD savings on OPEX yearly.


Where: Grombalia, Tunisia. 1 beverage plant and 1 brewery. Duration: 6 months

What: Training and coaching of 6 young maintenance engineers (young potentials) and support to the local maintenance manager. The program moved from basic maintenance practices, work management into reliability and advanced metrics and diagnostics around maintenance management. Part of the assignment was also to evaluate the maintenance engineers on their potential and adjust the training program to maximize talents.

Delivered: Trained successfully 6 young maintenance engineers beyond apprenticeship. Developed (together with the maintenance engineers) a preventive maintenance program of one of the production lines. Introduced improved maintenance metrics and coached the maintenance manager on usage and interpretation.


Where: Doha, Qatar. 36 Off-shore installations over 7 locations, 110 mmboe/year. Duration: 43 months

What: SAP PM Maintenance Master Data Build project. The project deliverable is a complete updated Master Equipment List with criticality ranking, equipment tagging, Maintenance strategy review/update, associated work instructions and resource requirements, ISO 14224 application, Maintenance planning optimization and Integrated Asset Planning integration. Development and review of general Maintenance Philosophy and Policy standards. Project has been expanded with additional scope that has brought an additional 18 months of work.

Delivered: Contract negotiations (technical and commercial), project team set up and alignment, 30% of scope successfully delivered and consolidated the project in to a steady delivery mode for handover to staff employee. Maintenance Excellence framework delivery: Integrity & Reliability policy (elevated to corporate policy), Maintenance Standard and a range of supporting procedures delivered. Re-engaged on the master data build project after 18 months as PM to revitalize the project and secure progress with new contractor.


Where: Breda/Tilburg, Nederland. Large polytechnic. Duration: 24 months

What: Development and delivery of a B.S. (HBO) level education on maintenance management. Developed a curriculum, set up the didactically framework, sourced trainers and coordinated the development of the course materials. Coordinate the lectures, trainers/teachers and students.

Delivered: Full curriculum for a B.S. level coarse on maintenance management (1-year program, with 40 contact days). Coordinated successfully 2 subsequent editions with each approx. 15 students.


Where: Sfax, Tunisia. 2 Off-shore installations and 2 shore receiving and treatment installations, 19 mmboe/year.

Duration: 6 months until the uprising (Arabic spring) brought the project to a stop

What: Criticality assessment and RCM analysis with knowledge transfer. Development of a maintenance Handbook. Development of a Spares strategy document. Coaching of Operations Manager, Technical Manager and Maintenance Manager. Facilitation of workshops, personal confidant and coach to Operational management team. Development of strategic documents.

Delivered: Maintenance handbook, Spares strategy document, ranked list of critical assets. RCM analysis was on-going when up rise started and has not been finished due to this. No benefits case was calculated for this project.


Where: Wales, UK. 5 different construction sites for clean and waste water treatment. Duration: 5 weeks

What: Observations and interviews (Root Cause Analysis on observed ‘Hands on Tool Time’ gaps) with crafts, supervisors, site managers, designers and company representatives to identify productivity losses and opportunities. Each construction site has a managing contractor and a range of sub-contractors. Workshops with site management and client management to analyse Root Causes and identify and agree on size of loss or opportunity.

Delivered: Identified and agreed (contractors and client) productivity loss/opportunity of 1.2 million GBP. Strategic plan to achieve these savings by addressing the root causes and reported to executive management of client.


Where: Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. Reading, UK. 3 Offshore and 2 shore installations, 30 mmboe/year.

Duration: 14 months

What: Implementation facilitation (change management) of a Work Management Process (global initiative) in parallel with the role out of Maximo. Part of the implementation tasks where coaching and facilitation of the installation crews and main office staff on the new work processes, roles and responsibilities, KPI’s and performance metrics and Maximo utilization. Also, data cleansing and a maintenance strategies review, maintenance engineering upgrade was part of the program. Improvement of the original WMP design by integration of all work streams (Maintenance, HSSE, Asset Integrity, Well Services, Projects etc) in the Work Management Process and the support of an Integrated Asset Planning and Scheduling practice.

Delivered: Safety Critical Backlog brought back from 6% to zero, Work orders past due backlog brought back from 5.7% to 0.4%, Group production loses brought back with 2574 kboe (due to less downtime, increased reliability). New WMP design.


Where: Aberdeen, UK. 3 Offshore installations, 49 mmboe/year)
Duration: 6 months

What: Implementation facilitation (change management) of a Work Management Process (global initiative) as part of an Operations Excellence program. Part of the implementation tasks where coaching and facilitation of the installation crews and Aberdeen office staff on the new work processes, roles and responsibilities, KPI’s and performance metrics and CMMS utilisation. Integration of WMP in the Operations Excellence program and support to Integrated Asset Planning and Scheduling practice.

Delivered: Safety Critical Backlog brought back significantly to almost zero, Work orders past due backlog brought back from 14.000 hrs to 410 hrs, increased average uninterrupted run times of off shore installation from 5 days to 25 days and improving (increased focus and reliability).


Where: Aberdeen, UK. ECITB

Duration: several editions of 1 day Maintenance strategy workshops for North Sea Operators

What: Knowledge transfer on Maintenance strategy development, asset integrity management, HSE integration and Work Management for selected individuals from different North Sea O&G operators.

Delivered: Workshop reader and presentations. Good to excellent feedback from attendants.


Where: Secunda, Sasolburg, South Africa. Coal to Gas to Liquid installations (150k barrels/day) Duration: 3,5 years

What: Assessment of the current Work Management Practice and Operations integration. Development of a business case. Strategic planning to align and prioritize strategic initiatives. Design of the new improved Work Management practice and implementation plan. Implementation facilitation (change management) of the designed Work Management Process in parallel with a re-implementation of SAP. Part of the implementation tasks where coaching and facilitation of senior and middle management, supporting staff and shop floor on the new work processes, roles and responsibilities, KPI’s and performance metrics and SAP utilization. Assessment and redesign of the central planning and scheduling organisation and project planning bureau (240 FTE).

Delivered: Ranked list of opportunities and gap closing strategies and matching business case. Balanced strategic plan with 5 year look ahead for required and consolidated strategic initiatives. Redesigned Work Management Process with work order flows, operations interactions, roles and responsibilities, SAP requirements, Work Permit streamlining, KPI’s and performance metrics, handbooks for BU managers, supervisors, Operators, Technicians, Maintenance Managers,

Maintenance engineers, Planners and Schedulers. The implementation delivered 160 million rand net savings 6 months after go live with the new design.


Where: H.I. Ambacht, Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands. Global operating supplier of specialty services (on-site machining, leak seal clamps, bolt tensioning) to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Utilities industry

Duration: 6 months

What: Personal adviser to the company director, responsible for the merger of 2 production facilities in 1 location, mediation in a critically severed relation with the main client (Shell) on engineering quality issues and conduct a feasibility study to set up a central European production facility for leak seal clamps.

Delivered: Both locations have moved to 1 location, negotiations with unions successfully closed,

relation with Shell restored (contract has been renewed), feasibility study conducted and delivered.


Where: Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Finland, China, India, UK. Manufacturer of mobile phones. Duration: 8 months

What: Global program to increase reliability of workplace resource services to manufacturing plants and reduce cost for the manufacturer. The required workplace resource services are provided by contractors through service level agreements. The project included the development of the workplace resource processes, roles and responsibilities and service level agreements with performance metrics and KPI’s. Training of the contractors and manufacturer involved personnel and facilitate the role out of the Service level agreements. Frequent reporting to the global steering committee on progress.

Deliverable: Workplace resource core processes, performance metrics, KPI’s and service level agreements. Good collaborative relation between contractor and manufacturer. Total cumulative net saving since start project € 7.66 million. (total of manufacturing downtime avoidance, maintenance savings and energy savings, minus project cost)


Where: Etten-Leur, Oudenbosch, Netherlands. Manufacturer of corrugated board and printed corrugated board boxes

Duration: 1,5 Years

What: Re-building and energizing the maintenance department after 5 company ownership changes (with following reorganizations) in 6 years. Increase the production performance and reduce the unit cost per M2 corrugated board. Reduce waste.

Delivered: 20% Saving on the maintenance budget with an improved maintenance performance. 15% reduction in production waste. Corrugated board manufacturing capacity expanded with 18%.


Where: Jubail, Riyad, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Utilities (electricity, drinking water, cooling water, sewage treatment) provider to industry (Saudi Aramco, sabic etc) and domestic consumers.

Duration: 14 months

What: Implementation (change management) of a pre-designed Operations and Maintenance process. Development of roles and responsibilities, performance metrics and KPI’s and 3rd tier processes on reliability and maintenance engineering, planning and scheduling.

Delivered: Reduced backlog significantly with >20.000 hrs. Identified saving opportunities at contractors of 20%. Increased ‘hands on tool’ times with 21% (benefits case was never consolidated with client due to unavailable/unreliable data in system, but an accepted estimate was that the total project had an ROI of more than 7 times: net benefit > 35 million USD)